Hi, I'm Bobby Wagner

Bobby Wagner for Destin City Council 2021 Headshot

Who is Bobby Wagner

Bobby Wagner’s roots run deep in Destin’s community. Since 6th grade attending Destin Middle School and apart from college, Bobby has planted seeds in Destin. Establishing his own production company at 21, the seeds began to develop and the roots began to grow. 


Networking is more than business for Bobby, it is about gaining relationships and finding a sense of place in the community. Through organizations and leadership courses, he finally took root at one place specifically, an environmental non-profit, where he has now been a board member for several years and recently appointed CEO. 


Already working with Destin City Council for environmental improvement projects, he noticed an opening on the Council itself. So again, Bobby readied more seeds to plant and roots to grow by starting a campaign for the seat. 


Bobby Wagner believes givers gain, and when we give back to the environment, we all gain from it. Vote Bobby Wagner for Destin City Council on July 20, 2021 and together we can see to it that our beautiful home of Destin flourishes for years to come.